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FA_SexiAnjel | Ldr - I created the all girls clan, Female Assassins in June of 2006. Within a year i had over 100 girls recruited. We started in SC - Starcraft. Then we spreaded, onto Condition Zero!

Ever since i was 13 i started playing PC games that were considered "boys only" I've been made fun of, picked on, called awful names, and sexually assaulted by boys. Just because i was better at the game then them, thats how they showed they were better.. i guess. Well that gave me the confidence to create a clan where girls can be free of the ridicule.

After a year i realized i only saw about 5 girls playing regularly. This made me sad after all the work i had done. Then i found out most of the girls were double clanning and didnt care to play on the Clan server that i was paying for. So i'll admit i PMSed and deleted the Female Assassins myspace page. I stopped playing SC and CS so much and concintrated on my job.

I currently work at Game Stop. I've been there for about 7 months. I'm currently a 3rd key. If you dont know how the promotions work.

You start out as a
GA: Game Advisor. Then hopefuly you will get promoted to,
3rd Key ; which means that it gives you some responsibility and alows you to work alone with GA's under you.
Next is ASM : Assistant Mannager - self explanitary.
Then SM: Store Manager

I'm working towards becomeing ASM, right now.

One of the best things about working for GameStop is that they let you take out any game you want for 4 days. So you can try them out, and talk to customers about them.

When i first started there i had a PC that i was addicted to, An old NES, N64, Playstation, and Xbox.

After Working there i now own Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Wii, Ps2 slim, Playstation 3, and a PSP.

So after reading this if you think you would be interested in helping me recreate FA: Female Assassins. please dont hesitate to contact me.

360 Account - FaPoisonIvy

When i started this clan my name was
FA_Anjel for Starcraft
FA_SexiAnjel | Ldr for Counter Strike

My Gamertag at this moment is FA_PoisonIvy


FA_Astrish - Anjel and I have been friends since I was in first grade, she was in 4th. This past summer she came up to me and told me she wanted to start and all girls clan.

I'll admit that I haven't been playing as long as Anjel, but I have witnessed first hand the torture and harrassment that some of the boy can do/say to girls, just because the girls happen to be a little bit better then them. We're fat because we play video games, we're ugly because be play video games, the list goes on and on. But it's not true.

Now we can't do anything about what the guys say to us, but we can create a safe haven for all the girls that do play. A place where you can come and play some starcraft or counterstrike without having to worry about boys screaming through their mics about your weight and what not. That's one of the main reason's Anjel and I created FA, just to give the girls a place to play freely without having to worry.


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